“Are You Lost”?!?

Don’t you hate having to visit someone only to forget where you need to go? Lol!!!!

I was just finishing up changing for my proper gear for my bike home and I glance up the sidewalk, I see this tall woman walking back and forth. Clearly she is confuse! So, I ask her if she is lost? She told me from across the street that she is and a bit embarrassed that she couldn’t remember the home address even though, she had been there before. This is her second time visiting a friend, she told me. I offered to dial her friend’s number# with my cell phone because I sensed that she does not have a phone to call. Otherwise, she would have done it already! As she was talking to her friend I could tell the relief sounds in her voice. At around this time that a friend is coming out to meet her on the street. I am happy to help this woman because I know how it feels to be a recipient of the kindness from strangers. I have been in her shoes too!

Happy Monday & Daily Dose Of Kindness!


About crazykindness

A sinner saved by grace.
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