“Kisses & Hugs”


Do you ever had one of those days, your plate is full? Every seconds count? You are trying to do what you can and still doing a great job? Yea, that’s my day, today! But in the midst of my somewhat chaos day, I missed my best friend of sixteen years. And oh, her two kids are the most adorable bunch. She is very busy every day and so I thought I would send her my message “Hi, sending your way love & kisses”. She sent me back her message “back at ya”!

To report on what’s happening with my fundraising today, I am encourage on the respond I received today. One from a small cleaning company, the owner is excited for this chance to market his company to guests of this event- Boat For Hope that could use the service. Then the second person is the President & CEO of a large company here in Vancouver. I think he is ready to make a large donation for Variety-The Children’s Charity. Stay tune, I should make my updates here, tomorrow. In the meantime, make someone in your life smile.

Love & Kisses- Amie…………


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A sinner saved by grace.
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