“Lending Hands” For Variety- The Children’s Charity

Here’s How YOU Can Get Involve Too……..


I am happy to share that I am involve in raising funds and awareness to the upcoming event in June the 11th (a dinner and silent auction). The events in June 9th is where they take these kids with special needs into the boat and have loads of fun in the water! Actually this site will provide you a better understanding of what this important event is about- http://www.variety.bc.ca/boatforhope.htm

Yesterday is day #1 and I am excited to be part of it. Half part of the day was preparing for a phone call introduction about the charity, the cause, company I am a part of, and a bit about myself. I counted-there were about twenty businesses I made contacts yesterday. And even if ten of those would donate large amount worth of products that would be awesome! Any donations are welcome, and I know it will serve the purpose of what the club or charity is set out to do. I am very proud of my boss for taking the initiatives to get involve though. Her late father had invested much of his time for “boat for hope” and she is doing the same thing. Isn’t that marvelous?

For the joy and laughter!


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