Oh yea-my 29th post out of 365! That’s an accomplishment right? Considering I am not one of your typical blogger? Ok, I am giving myself a permission to celebrate. How about a mint tea & chocolate!! Hmmmm……..


 Treats aside for a minute- let’s talk about garbage for a second here. I got very curious on how many garbage I could collect on my way back after the run. In less than five minutes; I collected fifteen (15) items off the ground: 1. 1- large plastic bag, 2. few small clear plastic bags, 3. napkins, 4. 2-bottle caps, 5. receipts, 6. cigarette butts, 7. cigarette wrappers, 8. candy wrappers, 9. sandwich bag, 10. animal bone (intended for dogs to chew on), 11. paper sheet, 12. bubble gum (still in wrap), 13. bus ticket, 14. theater ticket, 15. rubber stuff. I feel great about this spontaneous challenge, but sad at the same time because I know that when I go out there again tomorrow I will see another garbage that people thrown on the ground. Why is it hard for us, adult to bring our refused into the garbage bin?

This is one of my Favorite sites to visit in Vancouver. If you like this one you can help me to ensure that we can continue to enjoy it and our next generation will too! Let’s make it a habit to dispose our Rubbish appropriately and to buy products in bulk.

Cheers to less garbage!




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