“On The Crossroad With An Elderly Woman”


My mom always taught me to respect my elders regardless of who they are. I remember when I was very young we were walking home together, we came across few of my mother’s friends. In those days if the adults are talking it is consider rude to talk unless you were given a permission to talk. But since I didn’t get the signal or have completely missed the signs- I forgot to greet them. Of course, this caused my mother to get upset with me because apparently I had caused her the embarrassments. Ah well, that teachings really made me appreciate my mom for her insight and wisdom to train her children in the way that we should go. I can say this with integrity that I truly have a soft side for seniors. This afternoon an elderly woman with a walker was planning to go to the grocery store on Broadway. She was walking ever so slowly, she could be in her late sixties/ early seventies, can’t really tell. She’s got lupus and so she is avoiding the sun. I didn’t know that a person with lupus is limited with their exposure to the sun!! Huh!!!?

Anyway, I figure out that if we’re crossing the crosswalk together, and the lights turn green for the drivers to drive on that they would probably be cautious to run over two people. I enjoy spending a bit of my time with her and I love it. Mom thank you for training me when I was a wee little kid to respect my elders and offer help when their is an opportunity.

Happy Crossing!

PS: I got this free photo from this site. http://www.fotosearch.com/photos-images/walker_5.html


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