“Love Your Enemy”

Friday already? 



I am having a hard time to blog about “loving your enemy” today because part of me as a human is angry and want to get even for making my life so miserable and hard. And yet, part of me is guilty for wanting to get even because as a follower of Christ I know that when I abhor sin in my heart God is displeased with me. Entertaining hatred could eventually eat me up inside and this is not a place I want to be. I have seen people like that and it destroys a person from the inside and out!

It was particularly difficult yesterday and today. For the whole week now I feel like the target of their anger at life and I was the meek and the easy scapegoat for their fury. Oh, don’t worry just because I’m a Christian doesn’t mean I let people to bully me. I try to nip the problem in the bud before it can get out of hand. But it is in no way to hate them. So today, as hard as it seems for my “daily dose of kindness” I want  to treat my enemy with respect, love, and care. How I show them? I clean up after their messes and offer my assistance anytime they need it, not just today but in weeks and months to come. I am recommitting myself to love my enemies to death.

I really like to hear your experienced or stories of loving your enemies. Thanks for adding your thoughts.

Cheers to you all who commit yourself to loving your enemies!! Love love…..Amie


After a crappy day, I visited the florist inside the city square and these orchids made me smile and happy and because of that that I have felt I owe them this favor and include their website here. http://www.angelagabrielflowers.com/Angela_%26_Gabriels_Flowers/AGF_Home.html


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