“Be Nice To The Postie”

Wow, what a day! had my full body workout in 50 minutes this morning before work, got busy serving clients whole day, taking some photos for my blog during my lunch break, reading book, buying few items from a grocery store nearby on my way home, and finally, cooking our dinner. Whew!!….Sigh!!!!……


This afternoon my co-worker didn’t feel like going to the post office to mail out few items, and so she asked me to go. You know something?, I have been going to this post office many many times before and I have never seen any postie in there. But today is special because I actually see one. So why am I posting about postie? Well, I think this is one of the trades that is often unappreciated and seldom recognized for their contributions. But without them our packages, letters and business mail would have not get to its destination and the people we are sending it to, am I right? I’ll be honest here, I almost forgot to thank him for his work. Thankfully, I heard this nagging voice to turn around and I did! And so, for my “daily dose of kindness” is thanking the postman and making sure he knew he is appreciated. He’s really cool he lets me take a photo of his uniform patch and containers of your parcel and mine. I so love a day like this when things just fall into place.


When you see any postie don’t forget to thank them.

Thank you for your hard work today, Mr. Postman.


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