“Got Time?”

……..he thanked me for visiting with him!


Yesterday I met a lady in the elevator, she had missed her intended stop and what she said to me (lady’s own word-“I am in the auto-pilot mode”). She reminded of not so long ago, when I was walking in her shoes and many others. Walking like a zombie; creativity is fading away, got too comfortable staying inside  rather than outside. I started ignoring people, and had zero patience with anyone who crosses my way. Thankfully, I quickly bounce back to what I love to do……living!

Cambie Street & Broadway, Vancouver


And in that note, a middle age gentleman is walking beside me this evening and we started talking to each other as if we were friends. He’s carrying a piece of wood that he’d plan to turn into a wine rack, or something to hold a sword. I asked him if he considers himself a handyman? He candidly invites me to pick through a bit of his personality in a very short time we got. I say, he is very strong to let someone know of his character. However, in my experienced, people want to be noticed, they’ll make time to converse if given the opportunity? If this were not true would this man thanked me for visiting with him?!?

Take time to meet new people today.


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A sinner saved by grace.
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