“Post It”

Wow, Tuesday already! I find that when I am having fun, the day seems to go by a bit faster. Not too long ago since I started blogging about my “daily dose of kindness” experience, and I am loving it! Maybe, the spontaneity of events that keeps me motivated to continue and to write about it. And perhaps, because I often do not have a single expectation on how things will unravel before my eyes when I do kind act to people. But whatever it is, I am cool with this; 


Oh yea, so during my lunch break I  scribbled these messages on  post it notes, and I planned taking them downstairs in the food court- inside the City Square but didn’t get the chance. So, on my way home, I decided to post one message inside the elevator.

Inside Safeway………………

Once in a while, I’ll stop by at Safeway for few “sale” items, and today is the day! While inside, I heard laughter, and its the kind that is so refreshing and very infectious. (I love that about these groups, they care very little of what other people might think- they are having an awesome time!) I couldn’t possibly lost this opportunity to tell them, that I appreciate their contributions to my evening. So, before they could leave, I gave them the other written notes. I think, they get the message!

Thanks For Leaving A Smile Behind!


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A sinner saved by grace.
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