“Hug Someone”

Do you feel awkward when someone knew very little about you, start hugging you? Hugging is very personal and intimate at the same time, don’t you agree? If it is, should we do little or more? Are there any rules to hugging people besides our close friends and family?

14 reasons of hugging; #1) is when I am delighted to see someone, #2) Engagements, #3) weddings, #4) birthdays, or #5) anniversaries, #6) promotion at work (special occasions), #7) going away- short or long, #8) social meeting or visits, #9) dying, #10) in sickness, #11) in trials, or #12) when I want to make a point of saying “I care about you and because you matter, or #13) you are not a stranger to me, #14) I agape love someone.

So, for the “daily dose of kindness” hugging is my 17th post. Let me explain; at work, I keep my professional life professional. One of the regular clients came to get his service done and we got talking about life. He is a cancer survivor fifteen years ago, in 2012 buried five of his family and friends in one month, and recently, he is facing another physical problem, but the man is hopeful. He puts his trust in God. That God knows what He is doing in his life! That there is a better life being prepared for him, a place of no pain, no sickness, no more death or crime. Wow! I know, he is not the huggie type of a person, but still he accepted my hug with grace! I am very encouraged of his faith. Thank you.

Hugs and Blessings!


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A sinner saved by grace.
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