“Bless A Friend With A Massage”

Hello again,

Wow, I can’t believe that this is now my sixteen entry!!!! I am very excited. My experience so far is great. There are days, I got more ideas and opportunities to do kindness than I can handle. Some days, I have to work harder and making sure to plan ahead to make the act of kindness happened. But today, its unique and I love it when the opportunity to do kindness seems to flow right into me. So, as I was getting ready to go home, my boss was at the front- setting on her chair and before leaving, I pressed her shoulder. ‘It’s my way to say, thank you for your help today”. And I think, she melted at the touch. My boss has been carrying stresses on her shoulders. (You know the feeling, when someone touches your shoulder and you never want it to stop?) As a professional massage practitioner with years and years of experienced, I usually can tell when someone’s body is aching for a relief from the stress they are carrying.


So, for my “daily dose of kindness” it was fitting to make my boss a recipient. It’s perfect because she is such a wonderful person and kind to her employees, anyway! It was truly an honor to serve her. What about you, can you find an opportunity to do something nice to your boss?

As you bless others!



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