“I’m All Ears”

Lord make me a blessing today. Help me to live a life for your purpose and for your glory, and grant me to know when to speak and when to listen, Amen.

In my work place I talk a lot. My clients look up to me for my professional advice concerning their personal image, products and products’ use, rebooking for their next services, and making sure that each one feels happy and confident when they leave the shop. I love to converse with anyone who could talk, even with strangers. I could have a blast exploring anything and any topics in any time of the day. But when it comes to listening, I am finding it hard. So today, my “daily dose of kindness” is to listen intently. Before leaving for work  this morning, I have made a commitment to listen to my clients and putting their needs before mine. I wonder if how many people on this planet earth have struggled to listen to people speak. Hmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!

Happy Listening!


About crazykindness

A sinner saved by grace.
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