“Make Room For New Friends”

9 out of 365!

A bit of vanity here, I love this blogging platform. At first, I was hesitant and scared because I didn’t quite know what to do nor what to expect. One thing I’ve learn in life is this; ” do it even if it makes you uncomfortable and never live a life full of regrets”! It can never be too late to start.

On this sunny but windy afternoon, I did just that! As I was waiting for the red light to turn green, I met this beautiful Asian woman. She is very friendly, her voice is cheerful and something about her that is so delightful and kind. So I began a friendly conversation with her and commented on how lovely she looked in pink (pink sweater and a hat). She told me she likes my hair and have expressed her desire on getting hers short, like mine. Within the three minutes time, we’ve discussed a hair style that is best suited for her features and personality, to coloring brand, and organic vs. non organic shampoo products. And before May (her name) had to go on her way, I had to give her a HUG!

Not just one but two! It happens again! This time her name is Megan, she lives in my neighborhood. Megan is very creative a little shy but confident. I have no doubt that one day she will become an inspiring movie script writer- that is what she’s going to school for. I love the spontaneity of time spent together with these two wonderful and beautiful women. I really hope to meet them again, this time for coffee or tea. What about you, would you be ready to make new friends on the street?

Happy Meeting!


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