“Bread For The Less Fortunate”

For four years now, I have been volunteering to pick up bread from cobs bakery every Tuesday and then drove them to different shelters in the Vancouver area. Today, the bread have been delivered at “Dug Out”, an organization that help folks that are trying to get off from the drug abuse, people with the mental issue, and those who are still living on the street. Feeding the less fortunate in our city are possible because businesses like cobs are happy to donate everything they did not sell at the end of the day. Nothing is wasted and nothing is lost!

My dream that one day, I see homelessness disappear, but even if I don’t it is a cause worth pursuing. So, what is your cause worth pursuing?

Happy Volunteering Everyone!


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A sinner saved by grace.
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2 Responses to “Bread For The Less Fortunate”

  1. scroungelady says:

    I agree we should look beyond ourselves and help others. I volunteer for Christian Women’s Job Corps (“Hand up, not hand out”) and the local animal shelter.

    • Keep up the great work of volunteering for Christian Women’s Job Corps. It is a great cause. When women are given the tools, they rise above the challenge! I trust that through your commitment many will be encouraged!

      I am truly encourage by your comments.

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