A Good Morning To You!

This morning it reminded me again the joy of greeting someone on the street a good morning! People aren’t accustom to being greeted with a smile and niceness in our streets anymore. Our career, family, hobbies, (which are good) and bills are helping to put us into an auto pilot mode. And we have forgetting how it feels to be noticed.

Anyway, my experienced today were both sad and joy. Joy because the individuals whom I greeted were very appreciative and almost everyone responded a “good morning” back to me. Sad because I think that we have lost the value of caring to another human beings. Can a smile and saying a “good morning” to anyone you meet makes a difference? Let’s try it for a week, smile and say “good morning” to anyone you come across! At the end of the week let’s collaborate.

Good Night!


About crazykindness

A sinner saved by grace.
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