“Whose Coming For Lunch?”

5th out of 365 Days of “Daily Dose Of Kindness”

One of my pleasures in life is hosting lunches or dinners with friends or the people that I hardly knew but wanting to get to know them. I think that the best way to know people is through sharing meal together. Because life can be busier than ever and its easier to ignore building relationships with our neighbors, which is a big part of our make up.

Today after the church service, my husband and I decided to host a lunch with a couple that we hardly knew. There is something wonderful about investing our time in getting to know people. As a host, we have the key to take the conversation in a way that serves the purpose. Building friendships are also a great way for encouragement and supports in time of trials. When we host, my husband and I does not bother to include any strict rules. As far as the food goes; we serve what we like to eat, since my husband and I are both healthy eaters anyway. This made up from my lack of gift in cooking. So, I served up meals that are simple but nutritious and so far our guests were always happy and nourished.  Hey, feel free to leave comments about your personal best practice on how to become a great host!

Happy Serving!


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2 Responses to “Whose Coming For Lunch?”

  1. Rob says:

    I really believe that hospitality is a spiritual discipline, and a much neglected one at that! Unfortunately, as I get older I find myself less inclined to enjoy guests. May have to work on that, huh? Like the idea behind your blog. Best wishes!

    • Hi Rob, thank you for the encouragement and for being honest in your comment. I hope you’ll find the one thing that you are passionate about and enjoy the process of doing so. Truly appreciate the time you dropping by.

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