This is day 2 (two) out of 365 days of doing kind things to others and I think I am getting a hang of it! This afternoon, I have decided to stopped by at the nearest grocery store (with the big yellow neon sign). I bought 1x Olive Oil, 2x Classico- olive and toasted garlic sauce, Beef (our red meat for the week) for stir frying, and Cantaloupe. Anyway, I picked the express check out since I have five items in my basket. As I was nearing the “till” I spotted this tall, rugged but clean-dressed man, looking as if he was in a real rushed (the body language expression). So, I offered my spot but surprisingly he refused to take it. My thought at that moment was because he didn’t expect the kindness or was he embarrassed?

I am happy to add that the man have decided to take…

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